Nadex Offers Improved Charting Capabilities on its Platform

The North American Derivatives Exchange (NADEX), a subsidiary of IG Markets and one of the biggest and most successful US binary options brokers on the web, has just released an upgraded offering of trading charts on its website in an effort to improve their user interface.

The new charts allow for simple navigation through the NADEX trading application, easy switching between midpoint, bid and ask prices on any market and printing directly from charts.

NADEX offers a wide array of charting abilities which makes it stand apart from many other binary options trading websites that do not offer extensive charting.

NADEX Charts and Features

The charts offered and provided by this binary options broker are truly remarkable in the sense that they cover the full spectrum of the binary options and online trading industry.

Another attractive feature of the charts available in the NADEX platform is the fact that every single chart for every asset can be fully customized based on traders’ preferences. Most other binary options brokers just provide standard charts with a fixed number of features that don’t allow any form of customization.

At NADEX it’s exactly the other way around. There are no generic charts at all available instead the trader has the liberty to apply an extensive range of filters in order to generate a fully customized chart.

Overview of Available Charts

Some beginner NADEX traders might experience some confusion due to the large variation of applicable filters available. But, this confusion quickly disperses once you spend a few minutes playing around with all the possibilities available.

In order to generate a chart, traders will have to first select the asset or binary option they wish to evaluate. After this, they will have to press a small drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the respective option or asset. This will enable the trader to open the charting menu by selecting the “Quick Chart” option in the list.

This in turn will open up a chart that will display the development of the selected asset or binary option. Now, traders will have the opportunity to apply an extremely large number of filters in order to create an even better picture about the chosen asset or option.

Available Charting Filters

One of the most useful charting filters is the possibility to select the time intervals data is updated on a selected chart. This enables traders to view the price fluctuation of an asset in a more historical perspective, but also by tick if they choose.

A very big number of indicators can be applied as well, such as directional movement settings, MACD, RSI, parabolic SAR as well as others. Each of these filters has various sub-filters that allow even deeper customization.


It can be concluded that one of the main reasons why NADEX is such a successful regulated binary broker is because of its extensive charting possibilities. The professional tools and charting options available at this US binary options broker prove that the services created and offered by NADEX are truly made for knowledgeable online traders.